About NVP

No Sign Bar – a groundbreaking Vape Bar in South London.


Put aside your jam jars of gin. Wipe your slates clean of your Gourmet Burgers. Take your stacks of Triple Fried Chips and throw them to the floor. You’ve probably seen a bar with no sign before, but this cosy London hole needs to be experienced to be truly believed.


Combining the luxury and comfort of a Gentleman’s Smoking Lounge with the youth and exuberance of a Modern Whisky Bar – No Sign Bar is a truly unique establishment brimming with its own fresh brand of humour and wit.


Between the years of 2012 and 2016, e-cigarette users rose from 700.000 to 2.6 million. However, with the stigma of smokers being attached to vapers, there are shockingly few places in the capital to vape in peace.


Enter Clive Makerhead, bar owner and entrepreneur.


Clive was an early adopter of e-cigarettes, using them to quit a 25 year smoking habit. In 2015 he rebranded his first property, Clive’s Place, into an up-market Luxury Vape Lounge – No Sign Bar was born.


Blending the relaxed opulence of a Victorian Gentleman’s Club with the Seedy Rhythm and Soul of   a New Orleans Dive Bar, No Sign Bar is not the biggest bar in London, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up in attitude.


World-class mixologists serve classic cocktails as well as signature liquid smoke blends. Licensed sellers of nicotine and 0-mg liquid, No Sign Bar provides the smoke – you provide the pipe. Its as simple as that.

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