Cultural London: Vape City

London’s a changed place since the recent Mayoral Election.

A new air of optimism and excitement permeates the air, as young and old are starting to feel engaged once more in our wonderful community.

For those yet to visit our fair city, and are perhaps thinking of stopping at our lovely Vape Bar here, what awaits them will be an entirely changed London. Filled with a new vibrant sense of purpose and drive – 2016’s London brims with culture and good vibes.

london-60sIt’s not always been like this though. Shaking off the rough reputation of its past, our home of Brixton has come along way since Clive opened Clive’s Place two decades ago. Our Clive is still here, working behind the bar most nights. He’s always more than happy to share a story of the ‘old days’ when the bar used to carry his name.

The 80s were a difficult time for the people of Brixton. Still recovering from the recession of the 70s and very much suffering the fallout of Thatcher’s Britain – the people of Brixton struggled throughout the end of the 20th Century. House prices were at all time low, whereas the cost of living had struggling, leaving the low-income earners of London’s South End in a real bind.

Brought together through their mutual struggles, the disparate cultures of Brixton rallied around their common interests: music and dancing.

southend-dancehallThe Southend Dancehalls of the 80s were places of cross-generational and multi-cultural intermingling. Flying in the face of the bigoted stereotypes of the time, different social groups of all ages came together to dance the night away, make new friends and smoke!

Now a days we still like to have a dance and boogie in Brixton, but we’re not so keen to do it in a smoke-filled room. Vaping may not be to everyone’s taste, but the smell doesn’t cling to your clothes and it won’t leave you breathless on the dancefloor!

Here at No Sign Bar we’ve been holding cultural events and festivals for the last couple of years. Book Readings, Open Mic Nights, Comic Conventions; if its cultural, alive with passion and vape-friendly – then we want to hear about it.

If you’ve got any ideas for a new Cultural Event or are looking for a venue to host your Festival or Launch Party – then get in touch with Clive and the Gang. No Sign Bar is a versatile space that can cater to many different needs, and we’re always up for a challenge!

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